Town of Apple Valley commercial warrants*

Note: Not all vendors have numbers, some vendors have more than one vendor number, and some vendor numbers will not be assigned for various reasons. Therefore, vendor-number searches may not reveal every transaction for any given vendor.
# Date Vendor Description Amt.


Apple Valley Golf Course
Apple Valley Choice Energy
In Care Of
A check that either is unaccounted for, or that was revealed only after intervention by a concerned citizen
San Bernardino County Sheriff Department
Town Hall
Unknown payee, if any
A check that was probably voided, but not specified in Town records
Wire Transfer
Yucca Loma (usually in regards to the bridge project)

* This listing is a Frankenstein combination of two different sources for the underlying data. The first source is the Commercial Warrant Reports as delivered to the Town Council for approval. The second source is a collection of files gained from a request for public documents from the Apple Valley Town Clerk, which I did because there were so many critical discrepancies with the publicly-available documents. I expected there to be some differences, but I did not expect either the quantity nor quality of those differences. I therefore generated two files — one from each source — and compared them line-by-line, often referring to the source PDF files to resolve differences. Because of the time and effort required to do this, I expect there are still some errors in these data. However, in its present form it is better than anything you will get from the Town. If, however, you spot any errors — especially warrants marked as missing that appear in the Town’s published listings — please let me know.

View the source documents in PDF format here.

For concerned citizens in Apple Valley, California.